Belt replacement in tanned kashmir (all widhts)

Belt replacement in tanned kashmir (all widhts)

Belt replacement in tanned kashmir (all widhts)

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1. Width: please select the required width based on the width of your current leather belt strap.

2. Buckle attachment: the following photo is a photo of the buckle attachment group. It consists of a leather attachment, a belt loop and a screw. If your buckle has a backclip with teeth that bites onto the leather belt, please select width options with "no buckle attachment". If your current belt already uses a buckle attachment group or even if the belt is directly sewn onto the buckle without a separate piece of leather attachment, please select width options with "with buckle attachment". Colour of buckle attachment group will follow the colour of belt purchased.

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3. Length: measure the length of your current leather belt strap from the end of belt, excluding the buckle, to the hole that you use most often as shown in the diagram. It does not matter if that hole is the hole in the center or not. The rationale is to measure the actual length that you wear.

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Item code: rplmt-PR-TKM

Top surface: tanned kashmir colour full grain leather with natural grains.

Reverse side: regular full grain leather of either cream, brown or black colours at our craftsmen's discretion.

Additional info: Made in Singapore by local Singaporean craftsmen. Plus size mens belts limited for this model.

Colour advice: all photos have been carefully edited to reflect our full-grain genuine leather belts' colours accurately. However, certain conditions remain beyond our control such as screen colours across different brands of mobile and desktop devices, and screen colours between old and new devices. Colour accuracy is to be taken as an average of all leather belts photos bearing the same colour code, rather than of individual photos.

Natural blemishes: Our full grain leather belts are made from cow or buffalo hide, which are natural raw materials. Random occurrences of scars, creases, spots, marks and other blemishes are unavoidable.

Custom leather belts: to customise a leather belt, please refer to the Build Your Own Belt (BYOB) subcategory in the top menu or at the side of this page.

Leather showroom: feel free to come browse our full-grain genuine leather belts at our leather workshop / leather factory in Singapore. Our local Singapore craftsmen will attend to you.

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