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  1. Buy a belt
    • Browse our collection of available full grain leather belts. Most belts featured are built by our customers themselves, who chose the buckles to match with their desired leather colour and texture.
  2. Build your own belt
    • Is there a belt texture and colour from a particular item you like but you want it to go with a buckle from another item? Visit this page to do exactly that online! That being said, customers are welcome to browse and customize their belts directly at our factory.
  3. Plus size belts
    • Catered for plus size gentlemen, our extra long belts are not only long enough for 60 inch waist length but are also made of full grain leather.
  4. Match belt colour to shoes
    • Bespoke shoes are, and have always been, the rage. Take your game to the next level by bringing your shoes to us and customizing your belt to your shoes' colour.
  5. Shorten belt punch holes
    • We provide belt alteration and hole punching services for belts that are too long.